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Reconnective Healing -- really?


I wrote on the start page that not even Eric Pearl himself knows precisely how it works. I wrote that because he expressly asked me to do so. He himself does not have a scientific explanation. Of course, there are theories and thoughts about what can have such a powerful effect. Some can be read in "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself" by Dr. Eric Pearl. It's always wise to be careful with your words and not saying more than you can prove. Even if reality would be ahead of science.

If you were to ask for example professor Martin Ingvar ( Swedish authority on brain research among other things ), he would probably say something like ... "well ... one should be a bit careful when drawing conclusions, since what you're talking about has no scientific basis, and you should know that the human brain is a remarkable mechanism which could really play some tricks on you." And if he said so, it would be perfectly true.
To an ordinary human being like most of us, the demands from science to accept something as a proven fact may sometimes seem insurmountable. Those who can actually climb that kind of a mountain are many times people with tireless minds and brains of utter clarity and they really do take knowledge ahead.

However -- if you deny the existence of something because you can not prove it scientifically, then you are in denial of great parts of our existence. There is a lot in our lives and our world which is not scientifically proven or explained. Sometimes things are denied or neglected because they do not fit into the context where they should. They are disregarded by science because they don't fit in. And when you look back in history ( 50 or 100 years can be enough ) your jaw might, at times, drop quite far down when being confronted with scientific facts from those days. What we know today is certainly not the same things that was known then. Nevertheless, it was accepted as the truth because it came from the "right" mouths or minds. We have every reason to keep our minds open and flexible, because what's the truth today might be viewed differently in the ( near ) future.
Already, Dr. Eric Pearl's work IS supported by some of the most forward thinking brilliant scientific minds today, for example Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Konstantin Korotkov, and Lynne McTaggart among others.

In the USA, Dr. Eric Pearl's work has actually drawn the attention of some scientists and studies are progressing, trying to see from a scientific standpoint what is going on in Reconnective Healing. While waiting for the results, we ordinary people have to be satisfied that it simply works -- there are 60,000 practitioners worldwide who are bring about the same level of healings as Dr. Pearl and there is plenty of experiential evidence.

The bumblebee example

Bumblebees learnt to fly in the mid-1990's. From sometime in the 1930's until the 90's, tried and true science knew that they were not capable of flying. It could be mathematically-physically proven that bumblebees could not fly. But suddenly the pieces fell into their proper places, so to speak. Measuring methods were gradually refined and at least someone thought a slightly different thought. Without having to change anything at all, bumblebees were all of a sudden confirmed to be creatures capable of flying. Yes - it's really true.

Your bumblebee

I have a suggestion. Science should keep on investigating everything it can, because there are constantly significant and interesting things being discovered. But when someone says your experience was false, or it did not occur, you can show a slanted smile and conclude that- in that specific case - you might be at least one step ahead of mainstream science. You do not necessarily have to doubt yourself. You don't have to recant and say your experience was "nothing". It could be that your "bumblebee" is not yet properly examined by those who demand the right to all the right answers.
How about it? Should we open our minds a little, little bit to a larger personal reality than previously?
You might even enjoy it!



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