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A visit costs SEK 700.-
and is paid in cash ( no plastic cards) on arrival / before the session.

How long time does it take?
It varies. Expect 30 - 60 minutes. I normally estimate an hour when planning. You will have to fill out a paper with your details and perhaps you want to sit down and relax a little before receiving your healing. After the healing I would like to have a few minutes to talk with you and ask a few questions and you will probably want to have a few words with me as well. But if we are all done before that hour is gone, well ... that's very good.

A couple of practical details:

You must be clean. Take a shower or a bath at least the day before your visit and use a reasonably neutral roll-on deodorant. No - I repeat NO - perfume or spray-on stuff! My nose is sometimes a little over sensitive to strong perfume and I know there are numerous people out there who are much more sensitive than me. One of them can be the one who enters the room right after you have spent an hour there.

You must have clean clothes. You may absolutely not have that sweater you put in the laundry basket last Thursday but picked out again yesterday. Not your oil stained job overalls. And not the same socks you have been using for the last four days now. Just regular, normal clean clothes.
If you sweat it doesn't matter if your clothes are clean, since fresh sweat does not have a strong or unpleasant smell. But if your shirt or socks have already been well used, dried and reused ... it could be downright disgusting. Even if I don't touch you I will be close by.

For the sake of everybody's well-being I ask that you respect these advice and we don't have to re-schedule your visit.

An appointment is an appointment . Be on time! If you can not come, call me or mail me. ( Contact page ) Then maybe someone else can come instead or I get a coffee break. A cancelled appointment does not cost you anything, even if you call me 5 minutes before it's your turn. Then I can do something else. But if you simply don't show up, that time will be spent waiting for you and worrying that something has happened and nothing worthwhile gets done.

... and the same thing applies with me as with the doctor:
I give no guarantees or promises, but I will do everything in my power to help you in the best and most fantastic way I know of.




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