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Reasons for choosing Reconnective Healing

It's painless.
I's natural.
No invasive procedures .
You don't have to undress, just take off your shoes.

Quick results are usual, but do not happen always.

You don't have to tell me or disclose the reason for your visit. It's actually better if you book your appointment without telling why you are coming.

There are no side effects or contraindications to this work.
No rituals and no mumbo-jumbo. Just lie down, close your eyes and relax.

It's really not very nice to be on sick leave, maybe waiting to see another doctor who will take another look at you before being able to decide what kind of procedure would be the correct one for you. It could very well take weeks or months. I assume you want to get well as soon as possible and lose as little income as possible. And that you want to be able to do at least what you could do before your energies deteriorated. Then Reconnective Healing is the first alternative I would personally try. If you're still reluctant, take a new look at the list above.

We can't do anything about the past, but the future is a clean slate. I want to write something really good there.
Hence, don't expect me to listen to your full medical history. If you try to tell me more than what could be thought of as a necessary minumum, I will stop you. I don't say this out of disinterest or indifference, but because I want to think of you as healthier and better -- not as being sick.
I do not want to know how many times or how long you've been hospitalized, what the doctor's name was, what he said at that specific visit, or how many kinds of medicin you are on. That's between you and your doctor. And in that case you should see him as usual. But if you get rid of your problem he may not want to see you again, so think one extra time before getting healed.

Again, I don't cure any disease. I am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. I work with and utilize this all inclusive new spectrum of healing frequencies and as a result, sometimes healing unfolds.

If you are in need of medical care you must go to a doctor who can provide it.

But the same thing applies with me as when you see a doctor: I give no guarantees or promises, but I will do everything in my power to help you in the best and most fantastic way I know of. ( By the way, there were several medical doctors attending the same course as I was. )




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